We are thrilled to reveal the new logo of the Newcombe Singers!

The Newcombe Singers Logo was created by Kathryn Whitney as part of our new website – both the logo and the website are gifts from Kathryn to the choir.

The logo is designed to be modern and dynamic, but with a strong classic feel.

The image featured in the centre of the logo represents two things at once: it is the five lines of the musical staff, but it also represents the flowing water that surrounds our island home.

Flowing ocean waters, the rain that flows through our forests, and the streams that support both us and the wild animals that live alongside us, are a core part of our identity as Vancouver Islanders.

Water is also a wonderful symbol of our new beginning: it is always moving, flowing forward toward places and people as yet unknown.

Water, like music and the unstoppable impulse to sing, are essential parts of our life-force. We hope you will like the new Newcombe Singers Logo, as well as our all-new look for the choir website. It’s my hope that it will make you feel excited about both the future of the choir, and your important role in this unique company of musicians.

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