Newcombe Singers COVID Protocols

Updated May 2022

As a community choir meeting at St. Mary’s we are subject to the general requirements of the Anglican Diocese of BC for community users. 

All participants in any in-person rehearsals, performances, or other functions of the Newcombe Singers must be fully vaccinated as defined by the BCCDC against the COVID-19 virus for at least 14 days prior to attending.

In addition, the following mitigation protocols will apply for rehearsal singing at St. Mary’s:

  • Prior contact or illness:
  • Choir members who have been exposed to COVID-19 or have had symptoms such as a fever, cough, or sore throat within the last 5 days will not attend rehearsal. If you have tested positive,  you must wait at least 5 days from onset of your symptoms before attending rehearsal. You also need to be fever free with improving symptoms.
  • Distancing measures: Two metres of physical separation will be maintained whether during singing or when not singing. These rehearsal parameters may change as COVID numbers in the community dictate.
  • Hygiene: All singers will observe the hygiene and other public health measures that are required by St. Mary’s Church. Hand sanitizer is to be used upon entering the church. Each member will utilize his own paper copies of the music and will not share his music sheets or personal equipment.
  • Facial masking: Facial masks will be worn, whether singing or not, by all members when in the church.