Healthy Singing Plan

Our Infectious Disease Precautions 2023-24

Updated August 2023

Newcombe Singers proposed precautions for the 2023-24 Season will be a measured response to the continued threat of exposure to viruses that will be circulating in the community. The plan will take into account that some of the members are either immunologically compromised or are the caregiver of a family member that is compromised:

All members that plan to participate in rehearsals or performances will need to be up to date with their immunizations against COVID-19.

Members that are experiencing respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, or who are feeling unusually tired, will not attend live rehearsals or performances.

Masks will be optional at indoor rehearsals whether singing or not.

Singing will be from the front of the church and not in the pews but with attempts to distance singers from each other. Choir members should feel comfortable as to the distance from an adjacent singer and may elect to sing from the pews. Ventilation will be maximized by opening the windows.Hepafilters and CO2 monitors may also be used to measure and improve the air quality.

These precautions are changeable and are written in response to the current incidence of illness in our community. If the incidence of illness rises, a mask mandate may be implemented if the Newcombe Board, in consultation with the Music Director, decides that it is warranted.

Rehearsals will continue to be live streamed.